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    Sikh Festivals

    July 05, 2017Documentaries

    (2 x 30′)  Channel 4



    Produced & Directed by: Sunandan Walia & Yugesh Walia
    Photography: Peter Rance
    Film Editor: Ian Wilkinson / Tim Farmer
    Sound: Andy Swain / John Gilbert


    Two films celebrating Sikhism in Britain:

    (i) A SAINT AND A SOLDIER marks the day in 1699 when Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Guru of the Sikhs responded to religious persecution by initiating his followers into a new fraternity – the Khalsa.


    (ii) SRI GURU NANAK DEV JI (1469 – 1539) tells the story of the founder of the Sikh religion in India. The word ‘Sikh’ comes from the Sanskrit ‘sishya’ meaning disciple and was given to those who became followers of Guru Nanak. Against a background of rituals, superstition and tyranny, Guru Nanak preached a message of equality, tolerance and self service.