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    Mirror, Mirror

    June 01, 2017Fiction, Short Films

    (1 x25′)  West Midlands Arts /

    Birmingham Film & Video Workshop




    Written, Produced & Directed by: Yugesh Walia
    Photography: Donald Guy
    Editors: Yugesh Walia & Donald Guy
    Co-Producer: Roger Shannon


    Cast: Josephine George




    One of the first films to explore the cultural conflicts experienced by young Asians born in the UK whose parents were first generation immigrants. Jo is a twenty something Asian woman estranged from her family and living on her own. Her life unfolds in the form of her thoughts during one evening alone at home.

    Mirror Mirror was Yugesh’s debut short film. It was shortlisted for funding by the British Film Institute Production Board but was subsequently financed with a small grant from West Midlands Arts.

    The film was selected for the Edinburgh International Film Festival and the Tyneside International Film Festival. It was subsequently acquired for transmission by the yet to be launched Channel 4.






    Tyneside Festival review:

    This film, one  of the first to emerge from the Asian community, is a triumph. The mirror a perfect metaphor …..