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    Living With Hope

    November 08, 2017Non-broadcast

    And those who now do.

    Those who did not have access to antiretroviral drugs.

    (1 × 30’) Cipla Ltd., Mumbai



    Written & Presented by: Mark Tully
    Filmed, Produced & Directed by: Sunandan Walia & Yugesh Walia




    Living with Hope is an uplifting film following the experience of Kausalya, a young woman infected with the HIV virus and living in Chennai in South India. Modern drugs have made it possible for her to live a near normal life.

    After Africa, India is the country most affected by Aids and HIV with an estimated 2% of its population living with either the disease or the virus. The stigma and ignorance attached to the disease means that many patients go untreated or are unwilling to seek treatment.

    In this documentary Mark Tully talks to doctors who are specialists in Aids/HIV treatment and shows that expert medical help is available and that the cost of drugs is continually being reduced.