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    Humara Safar

    November 04, 2017Non-broadcast

    (1 X 25′)

    Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust / SAMPAD


    Format: DRAMA


    Produced & Directed by: Sunadan Walia & Yugesh Walia
    Written by: Surjit Simplay
    Director of Photography: Peter Rance



    Grandfather (Papa): Muzahir Shah

    Simme: Asia Khan



    Humara Safar, an Urdu language drama, is a moving story of a South Asian family living in Birmingham, coping with an elderly member  suffering with advanced cancer. The story unfolds to show how all the family receives support.

    ‘Papa’ is an elderly man who lives with his son Dara, daughter-in-law Mina, and grand daughter Simme. Papa is enjoying Simme’s birthday party, until his stomach pains get worse. He leaves the party to rest….Papa’s pain is getting worse…he is dying from cancer.

    Mina and Dara do not know how to tell Papa or Simme of the bad news. The family struggles to cope at home. Reluctantly Papa agrees to visit a hospice to find out what it is like. He is nervous but new friends and a massage help him to relax … he remembers his childhood.

    Humara Safar is an essential learning guide for South Asian patients and carers living with advanced cancer. The drama clearly points out the difficulties faced by families and highlights the different types of support available. Through this drama we learn that the care we can all receive to improve our life when faced with a condition with no cure is called Palliative Care.