In Production:

(1 × 75) 2015-16

*Producers: Sunandan Walia & Yugesh Walia
Director: Bani Singh*

A feature length documentary looking back at the golden period of Indian hockey which also coincided with its most painful. That of Partition. Featuring the three remaining champions of the 1948 hockey Olympics, the film teases out what hockey and partition meant to these players. It’s a story of passion, friendship, glory and pain.

Seen through the eyes of the film’s director, Bani Singh, the film focuses on the friendship and characters of three of the players: the director’s father Nandy Singh, Keshav Datt and Pakistan’s Shah Rukh Khan. All were from Lahore but partition tore their friendship apart. By looking at hockey of the 1948 Olympics the film reveals a moving relationship between India, Pakistan and Britain which went against all the political and violent upheavals taking place at the time.

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