Language is the Key

(1×40’) UK 1985

Commission for Racial Equality

Producer: Sunandan Walia
Director: Yugesh Walia


This was the company’s first commissioned work.

Filmed in schools in the Midlands and Wales, this documentary tackles the intricate issues surrounding the teaching of English as a second Language and bi-lingualism from the standpoint of the use of language as a weapon of power and resistance. The first part uses examples of the suppression of cultures and the second shows the way in which those cultures, now dismissively termed ‘minority’, are fighting back, again the key being language.

Contributions from Prof. Stuart Hall (The Open University), Prof. Bikkhu Parekh (University of Hull), Prof. Gwyn Williams (Historian/Author), Benjamim Zephaniah (Poet), teachers and children, with experiences of Gujarati, Caribbean, Creole and Welsh.

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