(1 × 45’) UK


*Producer: Natasha Carlish
Director: Michael Clifford
Camera: Michael Clifford/ Phil Chavannes
Film Editor: Fiona Colbeck

International Distribution by: Freemantle Media*

Orgy enters the very secretive ‘scene’ in the U.K. and, for the first time, follows an orgy from the beginning – preparing the bedrooms, the food and the pubic hair, through to the very end – 3 o’clock in the morning and some tired but ‘happy’ people. Along the way, the film touches on jealousy, the rules of sexual engagement and offers tips, should you need them, like ‘never wear socks, because you can’t find both of them at the end of the night!‘…

The film explores why people do it, and what it actually feels like to experience group sex. It’s an erotic, often intense brew, but comic relief is offered through ‘the innocents’, those who’ve never tried it, and are invited to picture what it might actually be like. Whilst at times entertaining, it’s ‘rough guide’ style simply aims to answer that most often asked question – ‘what goes on at one of these orgies; how do they actually work?’

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