Many Happy Returns!

(1 × 40’) UK

BBC 2 (40 Minutes)

*Producer: Sunandan Walia
Director: Yugesh Walia
Photography: Peter Rance / Naresh Bedi
Film Editor: Barbara Farmer
Series Editor: Caroline Pick*

In Keighley, West Yorkshire, 12 year old Nicola recalls her previous life:

“I can remember being a boy, and we used to live by some railway tracks and our family name was Benson”

In North India, six year-old Titu, from a small village near Agra, recalls specific details of his recent past life: “My name used to be Suresh Verma. I remember living in Agra and I used to l used to own a radio shop”.

Many Happy Returns! tells the extraordinary tale of these two children who are convinced they have had previous lives and have been born again.

“Sunandan and Yugesh Walia’s stylish meditation on what-might-be brings intelligence to a tabloid topic…. and applause for the editing that dazzles. The programme might even knock some holes into your belief system.” – The Guardian

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